1. Ann Penners Bergen

    Clients need to determine what is important to them. If peace of mind and having someone available to be there for them is what is important, don’t get cheap on the price of your attorney. If you want the inexperienced lawyer who competes on price, good luck. If you want a lawyer who competes with no one but if there for you to give you the best that he or she can give and who will put more of his or her “skin” in the game, then you’ll have to have a little more of your “skin” in the game too. Just sayin’ . . .

  2. Cate Eranthe

    Thanks for putting this out there! You offer fantastic service and your clients are lucky to have you. I know its tempting when struggling to pay the bills to look for the cheapest lawyer around but people need to understand that the cheapest lawyer is NOT the best deal! Good information.

  3. Gary Ray Fraley Esq.

    i am very impressed. I am a California State Bar Certified Bankruptcy Law Specialist in Sacramento CA. I pride myself on the quality of service i give my clients.Your services even exceed my high standards. If I ever have a client contact me from your neck of the woods, I will gladly refer them to you. Whatever you charge, it is not enough to compensate for your level of services.